CI 489: DELTA Capstone Course

The course is designed as the capstone project course for the DELTA undergraduate concentration, although students in other majors or graduate students may enroll with the instructor’s consent. The course provides an opportunity to bring together the ideas learned from across the DELTA courses and implement them in a final project. The course builds on three major ideas emerging from recent research on digital environments for learning, teaching and agency. The first idea is that the use of domain-specific tools can make the difference in learning conceptual material. For example, in mathematics, tools can transform normally obscure ideas and concepts with multiple, vivid and linked representations and ways to engage in inquiry. The second idea is that even the best software is unlikely to engage learning or be used widely and/or effectively unless it is compatible with and linked to curriculum materials (such as teacher guides, student problems and activities, and assessments). The third idea emerging from recent research is that achieving an effective level of technology integration is virtually impossible without the direct involvement of developers and teachers with the design, development and research processes. A central part of the course will be attention to the collaborative process, with class activities, and regular journal assignments to foster this attention.

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