Emma Mercier

Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Contact: mercier@illinois.edu

Research Interests:
Collaborative learning, computer-supported collaborative learning, classroom technologies, social interaction and learning


Robb Lindgren

Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

DELTA Program Area Chair

Director of the Embodied and Immersive Technologies (EmIT) Group

Contact: robblind@illinois.edu

Research Interests
Computer games and simulations, augmented and virtual reality, embodied learning, perspective-taking and identity


Luc Paquette

Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Contact: luc.paquette@gmail.com

Research Interests
Educational data mining, learning analytics, disengaged behaviors, knowledge engineering, intelligent tutoring systems


Mark Dressman

mdressmaProfessor of Curriculum & Instruction

Contact: mdressma@illinois.edu

Research Interests

Social media and literacy technologies, second language learning technologies, teaching methods, educational theory


David Brown

debrownAssociate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Contact: debrown@illinois.edu

Research Interests

Science instruction, conceptual development, complex systems theory, educational simulations, metaphors, embodied learning


Barbara Hug

bhugClinical Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Contact: bhug@illinois.edu

Research Interests

Science learning and teaching, educational simulations, curriculum theory


Affiliate Faculty

Maya Israel

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Contact: misrael@illinois.edu

Research Interests
Technology to support struggling learners, computer programming, computational thinking, STEM, learning through gaming


H. Chad Lane

Associate Professor of Educational Psychology & Informatics

Contact: hclane@illinois.edu

Research Interests
Engagement & interest in STEM, educational games, intelligent tutoring systems, informal learning, artificial intelligence in education