Research Projects

Insect Wing Multi-functionality
Neotibicen dorsatus. Picture by Marianne Alleyne
Click Beetle Leg-Less Jumping Mechanism
Adult Click Beetles. Photo by L. Brian Stauffer
Leafhoppers cover themselves with microscopic granules called brochosomes. This makes the small insects hydrophobic. Together with the Schroeder-lab at UIUC and labs at UT Austin and Northwestern University, we are studying how brochosomes are formed, and what function they may have and how we can synthesize materials similar to brochosomes. Picture by Lizzie Bello.
Diffraction Grating in Beetles
Beetles like Selenophorus opalinus exhibit iridescence due to diffraction grating. As these beetles burrow in soil and decaying wood, and under leaf litter, their dorsal cuticle touches the substrate. We hypothesize that the presence of diffraction gratings affects tribological (friction, drag) performance. Art work by Olivia Boyd.
Tick Haller’s Organ
Tick Haller’s Organ. Picture by Tanya Josek
BIE Algorithm
Bee swarm. Picture by
Arvydas Simbelis, (