Actuarial Science Office Update – Course Changes in ASRM

Actuarial Science Office Update

Hello Students in Actuarial Science,

The Actuarial Science Office would like to bring to your attention the following updates to courses in ASRM:

ASRM 210

To prepare for the upcoming changes with the SOA university earned credit program, we are introducing a change to ASRM 210 to better serve our students in Spring 2022. Each student in ASRM 210 is expected to enroll in one of two discussion sections in addition to regular lectures. The class is being set up in a way that is similar to either ASRM 401 or ASRM 402. The ASRM 210 discussion sections will be a replacement of ASRM 392 Section FM, which will no longer be offered in Spring 2022. The intent of this change is to offer exam prep tutorials in these discussion sections.

The Spring offering of ASRM 210 will not automatically convert to UEC credit. But if you plan to take Exam FM in the Spring or Summer, this course should more adequately prepare you for the exam. 

 ASRM 392

We will continue to offer ASRM 392 Section P as an exam prep course for Exam P. We do not expect any change to this exam in the next few offerings. This one-credit-hour course is typically led by an upperclassman who has recently passed the exam and who has tips and tricks to share on how to succeed. We encourage you to take advantage of this exam prep course if you are planning on sitting for Exam P in the near future.

ASRM 410

There is no change to the syllabus of ASRM 410. However, please note that there is a change to the SOA credential requirement regarding Exam IFM, which is what ASRM 410 prepares students for. The last offering of Exam IFM will be given in November 2022. If you can pass exam IFM, you will not need to take the new Exam ATPA (Advanced Topics in Predictive Analytics). The first offering of Exam ATPA will be in June 2022. Our suggestion is that you prepare for Exam IFM as early as possible unless you want to take Exam ATPA instead. The ATPA exam is expected to be more programming focused.

Feel free to reach out to the Actuarial Science Office if you have any questions or concerns.