Useful Research Tools and Resources

Survey Tools

  • Survey Planet
  • Survey Gizmo
  • Qualtrics
    • Note: The functions of the free versions are limited. Students at UIUC College of LAS can request a licensed account of Survey Gizmo and Qualtrics from UIUC College of LAS Survey Research Tools. However, since this is a pilot program, the ATLAS Tech Support cannot say with certainty that the program will be renewed until the beginning of each semester. If/when they become aware that the pilot program will end, they will alert active users so they may take the appropriate steps to preserve their work.
    • UIUC CITL offers workshops and consultation on surveys.

Experiment Builders

Meeting scheduler tools


Sound related

Lexical/Corpus Database

  • Wordbank: An open database of children’s vocabulary development
  • CELEX (Dutch, English, and German lexical database)
  • LEXIQUE (French lexical database)
  • CHILDES Child Language Data Exchange System

Research Compliance at UIUC

Other Language Labs at UIUC

Other Labs in the U.S.