Lab Assistant Hours

Spring 2018

Monday 8:25-9:55 1:00-3:00
Tuesday closed 1:00-4:00
Wednesday 8:25-9:55 2:00-4:00
Thursday 8:25-10:45 closed
Friday 8:25-9:55 closed
  • The SLAB Lab is dedicated to language analysis and experimentation. Faculty members of the FLB and their students are eligible to use the Lab.
  • If you would like to schedule a class session, a recording session, or an experiment that requires partial closure of the lab to other users, you must seek permission from the Lab Director at least one month in advance of your session. This can be done only if the lab is not already scheduled for other experiments.
  • While we would like everybody to have the opportunity to carry out their research in the lab, there are times when the lab is extremely busy and scheduling conflicts may arise. If scheduling conflicts should arise at any time, externally funded research projects will take priority over other projects for scheduling. For graduate student research, dissertation projects will take priority over course projects.
  • Graduate students wishing to conduct research in the lab, and who are not working for the faculty members affiliated with the lab, must request permission in writing from the Lab Director Prof. Silvina Montrul by submitting a copy of their approved IRB form. They must also specify the specific dates and times they expect to use the facility, the number of subjects to be tested, and the equipment to be used.
  • Please print and complete the application to request the use of lab facilities and return it to the director or the lab assistants.
  • Some of the lab software is freeware, but much of it requires a license. Lab users are not permitted to copy licensed software from the labs, nor may they use lab software to install copies of licensed software on non-lab machines.
  • You must not load or update software onto any lab machine.
  • The lab printer is restricted to use by faculty and lab assistants conducting lab-related research.
  • Take lab security seriously and report any irregularities promptly.

Signing In and Out

  • You must sign in and out with your full name whenever you enter or leave the lab. Please write down the time you enter and exit the lab, indicating “am” or “pm” as appropriate. If you are working with participants in research projects, sign in the number of participants together with your name.

Scheduling Calendar

Please click here to see the scheduling calendar



  1. Testing will take priority over meetings when resource overlapping occurs.
  2. Contact the main office 4080 for reserving the meeting room.

Coding colors for different equipment/facility

  • Booth 2: Red
  • Booth 3: Orange
  • Booth 4: Yellow
  • Booth 5: Green
  • Booth 6: Light Blue
  • Booth 7: Purple
  • EyeLink 1000 (old eyetracker): Pink
  • EyeLink 1000 Plus (new eyetracker): Brown
  • G70B (Production room): Gray

Scheduling Request

In order to reserve a booth or eyetracker, send an email to with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Event
  3. Date and Time (Start and End Time)
  4. What you’re reserving (booth #, etc)