Currently Available Themes

  • Canvas – provides some limited capability to customize colors, fonts, and other design elements
  • Codium, adapted for –
  • Paragrams, adapted for –
  • Responsive, adapted for –
  • Twenty Eleven, adapted for –
  • Twenty Fourteen, adapted for

You are strongly encouraged to select from among the currently installed themes, which have already been reviewed for accessibility and campus identity standards conformance. They each provide a fair amount of customization to layout, banners, and images, and if necessary, the CSS can also be tweaked using the CSS plugin. Site admins can now enable the Simple Custom CSS plugin right from the Dashboard->Plugins menu.

If none of the installed themes will work for you, the minimum requirements for additional themes are:

  1. Must be tagged accessibility-ready
  2. Passes the Functional Accessibility Evaluator
  3. Meets the campus Web Identity Standard
  4. Can be used for any site on

If your theme meets these requirements, the Publish team will consider installing the theme. Email your request for review, including the name and URL of the theme to