8-Week Grand Challenge Experience Courses

Grand Challenge Experience 2nd 8-Week Courses

Experience, Learn, and Create to Understand Real World Problems

  • Meets gen ed requirement for Humanities and the Arts (Literature).
  • Focus on the most important challenges facing communities, nations, and the world: Sustainability, or Health & Wellness.
  • Learn from some of the best teachers on campus and enjoy a small classroom community where you can ask questions and get hands-on experience.
  • Courses begin on March 14 and run through the end of the semester.

Sp 2016 GCX Course Openings Handout (general)

GCL 188b: Global Epidemics (Health & Wellness pathway):

TR 3:00 -5:50 PM; 236 Wohlers Hall; Ramón Soto-Crespo

Ebola, HIV, zombies, and vampires! All share a common lineage in that they’ve been imagined as viruses that spread around the globe. You will learn how these viruses spread by reading/watching popular novels, comic books, documentaries, and films, and working with an archive of materials assembled by the University Library.


GCL 128b: Fictions of Sustainability: Food, Water, Energy (Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment pathway)

TR 12:30-3:20 PM; Location TBA; Gillen D’Arcy Wood

This course introduces sustainability through stories. Specifically, we will learn about food, water, and energy systems by reading novels and nonfiction narratives. In addition, we will take field trips to discover the sustainability landscape of the University of Illinois community. The course concludes by asking you to write a sustainability story of your own.



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