Econ Tutoring Center and Econ Information

We would like to update you on some information for the Department of Economics, Undergraduate Studies Office:
Economics will once again have our Econ Tutoring Center, and it starts up again today! 
The hours have changed slightly:
                Econ Tutoring Center
Mondays-Thursdays 1-5pm
21 DKH (basement)
We will extend these hours during peak times (mid-terms and finals).  Students may read more about the Econ Tutoring Center on our website:, which also provides more information about the tutors.
Econ Advising Appointments are scheduled online:
Economics Worksheet (updated recently):
Our Econ Undergraduate Office has grown to help assist the increased number of majors!  Kari Hutjens and Nick Melrose have joined Stefanie Flores-Freeman and Melissa Newell as Academic Advisors.  Dustin Janes is the Undergraduate Receptionist, answers many general questions and assists students with class registration problems.  Please find more information about our staff on the website:
Please contact us with any questions, and have a great week!
Melissa & the Economics Staff
Melissa Newell
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Department of Economics, LAS