Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships


Are you interested in foreign languages?  Do you enjoy learning about different cultures?



(both for Graduate & Undergraduate Students):

October 29th 4-5pm, room 126 LISB, 501 E. Daniel St.

October 30th 4-5pm, room 126 LISB, 501 E. Daniel St.

The information workshops will feature information on FLAS Fellowships with presentations by the Area and International Centers FLAS coordinators. In addition to a general overview of FLAS fellowships and particular requirements for various Area Centers, you can get tips on how to write a successful application; what supporting documents you need; and who is appropriate for a recommendation.


Fellowship Amount

  • Academic Year Fellowships
    • Graduate students may receive full tuition and fee waiver and a stipend of $15,000 payable over the academic year. Eligibility for tuition waiver varies by home department and school.
    • Undergraduates receive $10,000 for tuition and fees and a $5,000 stipend.
  • Summer Fellowships
    • $5,000 towards tuition for a summer language program as well as required Illinois fees and a $2,500 stipend. In some cases, a travel award may also be made.

FLAS Fellowships support graduate and undergraduate study in modern foreign languages in combination with area studies, international studies, or international or area aspects of professional studies. The following languages, classified by Center, are approved by the U.S. Department of Education for FLAS fellowships at Illinois.

Note: Undergraduates cannot apply to study French, German, or Spanish. Undergraduate fellowships are only available for intermediate to advanced study of less commonly taught languages, which are defined as modern languages other than Spanish, German or French.

  • Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies (CEAPS): Advanced Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Tibetan. *CEAPS is accepting applications only from graduate students. Undergraduate students are not eligible to apply thorough CEAPS.
  • Center for Global Studies (CGS): Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Lingala, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian or Croatian, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, or Wolof; or at the advanced level* (third-year or above) Chinese or Japanese.
  • Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS): Brazilian Portuguese, Quechua or any other Amerindian Language, or at the advanced level (third-year or above) Spanish.
  • European Union Center (EUC): Arabic, Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, French, German, Greek (modern), Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, or Turkish. *Priority will be given to less-commonly-taught languages (languages other than French, German, Spanish) and higher-level language study.
  • Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center (REEEC): Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian, Turkish, or Ukrainian.


For more information about FLAS Fellowships and eligibility requirements, please visit the FLAS Fellowships at Illinois website. 


FLAS Fellowship application deadline: 5 PM, 8 February 2013. Graduate students should check with their home departments about internal departmental deadlines