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Food Security Takes Center Stage during President’s Last Day in Senegal

President Obama’s visit to Senegal highlighted the country’s recent announcement of its intent to join the New Alliance for Global Food Security and Nutrition. In joining, 10 private sector companies, of which 9 are Senegalese, will invest over $134.4 million to help provide new market opportunities for smallholder farmers through enhanced production and processing activities. […]


Tools Trialed to Curb Postharvest Millet Losses

Compatible Technology International, a non-profit engineering organization, will be testing new hand-held devices for sorghum and millet in Senegal with support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Farmers are reported to lose up to 1/5 after harvest, and the group hopes to reduce these losses, along with the drudgery of labor usually befallen upon […]


Adoption and Impact of an Award-Winning Postharvest Technology: The ASI Rice Thresher in the Senegal River Valley

Powerpoint presentation on the adoption of the ASI rice thresher. Outlines technical details as well as impact, and suggests that the recommendation could make a significant change in Senegalese rice harvesting – helping it to achieve its goal of becoming self-sufficient. http://www.africarice.org/workshop/grisp-mech/PPT/Diagne,%20africarice.pdf