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Africa can Increase Food Yield Despite Climate Change Challenges, Says ECA’s Dione

At the recent United Nations COP17 climate change conference in Durban, South Africa, experts determined that Africa does have the potential to adapt to climate change implications in the continent and even quadruple production. “Strategies require first action to connect farmers to inputs and product markets through a value chain approach, private sector agro-input, agro […]

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UNISDR: Disaster Resilience Key to Green Economy

The United Nations Environment Programme met recently in Beijing, China, and said that $1.3 trillion should be spent in 10 areas to increase efficiency and create buffers against disasters. Agriculture is a priority, and in the report published by the programme, $108 billion will be set aside to green the sector, particularly for reducing PHL. http://www.preventionweb.net/english/professional/news/v.php?id=23583 […]

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FAO Says Traditional Crops Key to Facing Climate Change

The FAO says traditional crops need protection from climate change. The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture celebrated its 10th anniversary, and a ‘benefit-sharing fund’ has been set up in order to help farmers and breeders in 21 countries adapt crops to problems associated with climate change, such as floods, droughts, […]

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Q&A: Sarita Nayyar, MD, World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum discusses its vision for the future of agriculture, outlining the importance of private and public investments and current models for addressing the issues of food security and development. http://www.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/q-a-sarita-nayyar-md-world-economic-forum-111111200087_1.html

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Feeding Africa: Australian Knowledge Helps Meet A Continent’s Climate Change Challenges

African food security problems are seen as an opportunity for development by Australia, as the two continents produce many of the same crops in similar climatic conditions. Australian policies and infrastructure are more developed than their African counterparts in terms of agriculture and food security, and Australian participation in the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change […]

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A New Approach to Feeding the World

A New Approach to Feeding the World is a paper based on the World Resources Report 2010-2011, “Decision Making in a Changing Climate.” It  focuses on the current and future approaches to the food system and its intricacies from a food security perspective. http://insights.wri.org/news/2011/09/new-approach-feeding-world

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Mitigating Climate Change Through Agriculture

Deutsche Bahn Research recently produced a paper on “Mitigating climate change through agriculture,” with the reduction of postharvest losses as a possible outcome of efforts. http://www.dbresearch.com/PROD/DBR_INTERNET_EN-PROD/PROD0000000000278568/Mitigating+climate+change+through+agriculture%3A+An+untapped+potential.pdf

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Aiding Famine Victims in Somalia

The Somalian famine is seen as a result of bad politics, terrorist activity in blocking aid, and Western countries being unsure of how to interact with the unstable government. Drought and climate change have a large role in the famine, but it is the issue of governmental instability that prevents the country from reversing their […]

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Rising Global Temperatures Melting Away Global Food Security

Lester Brown, President of Earth Policy Institute, says climate change will have devastating effect on Asian crops, especially rice, and would destroy the food security of many countries relying on major rice-exporting countries, like Vietnam. Increased climate change impact on temperature and water in India will lead to even tighter food supply issues. http://www.treehugger.com/clean-technology/rising-temperatures-melting-away-global-food-security.html

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