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Post-Harvest Management for Food Security tops FAO-Agriculture Dept meeting

A workshop was organized by the UN FAO in partnership with the Dept of Agriculture in The Gambia to discuss PHL. Particular focus was on grain cereals, pulses and oilseeds, “as these sectors constitute the predominant staples in many African communities in Africa.” The FAO and the Dept of Agriculture’s relationship has also recently led to the […]


Fact Sheet: Increasing Prosperity in India, U.S., Africa

The United States and India will continue to negotiate a bilateral investment treaty, which includes collaborating on food security issues in Africa, and the US aiding India in improving farm-to-market practices in order to reduce PHL. The two countries will aid the countries of Liberia, Malawi, and Kenya to “improve agricultural production by sending participants from […]


We Are Suffering ‘Double Double’ Under Mills, Ghanaians Tell Nana

Citizens and farmers complain to the 2012 New Patriot Part (NPP) candidate for President about the state of rural roads, blaming it for large postharvest losses and advocating for changes in the government approach.


East Africa: We Cannot Fail When the Rains Do

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) working to help farmers develop resiliency to droughts. PH infrastructure crucial in mitigating problems associated with drought. “There needs to be greater government and donor support for integrated soil fertility management, erosion control, agro-forestry, and reforestation, which are fundamental to preserving the natural resources — the principal capital asset of […]


EAC Bloc in Talks Over Commodity Exchange Forum

The East African Community has kicked-off negotiations for the creation of a common commodity exchange to boost growers’ earnings and availability of food. The bloc is in talks with an independent international consultancy, Nicolas Berggruen Institute (NBI), that comprises a group of former heads of state and global entrepreneurs to help create the facility. The planned commodity […]


PEF Calls for Commodity Exchange for Agric

The Private Enterprises Foundation (PEF) has proposed the establishment of an agricultural commodity exchange to bring producers, buyers and consumers together to trade on a common platform. This, PEF explained, would provide ready market for farm gate products from agricultural centers and thereby help to reduce post harvest losses.