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ASEAN Food Security Conference, the CURE and ACIAR Training-Workshop

The IRRI Weekly Bulletin highlighted the ASEAN Food Security Conference, the CURE and ACIAR training-workshop on technology evaluation, the role of the Pinoy Rice Knowledge Bank’s for Philippine farmers and extension workers, and the IRRI-ADB project regarding “Addressing the Pre- and Postharvest Challenges in the Rice Supply Chain (in Phillipines).”

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Packaging: Key to More Food and Economic Development

This magazine article illustrates the need to focus on packaging and postharvest technologies as joint efforts in the fight against food losses.  

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Why Food Price Volatility Doesn’t Matter

Food Price Volatility Directly affects farmers as investments in seed, technology, etc. are made before post-harvest price is known. Recent food hikes have pushed 44+ million into poverty (over half of developing countries’ income is spent on food).

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Fact Sheet: Increasing Prosperity in India, U.S., Africa

The United States and India will continue to negotiate a bilateral investment treaty, which includes collaborating on food security issues in Africa, and the US aiding India in improving farm-to-market practices in order to reduce PHL. The two countries will aid the countries of Liberia, Malawi, and Kenya to “improve agricultural production by sending participants from […]

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Rising Global Temperatures Melting Away Global Food Security

Lester Brown, President of Earth Policy Institute, says climate change will have devastating effect on Asian crops, especially rice, and would destroy the food security of many countries relying on major rice-exporting countries, like Vietnam. Increased climate change impact on temperature and water in India will lead to even tighter food supply issues.

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Adoption and Impact of an Award-Winning Postharvest Technology: The ASI Rice Thresher in the Senegal River Valley

Powerpoint presentation on the adoption of the ASI rice thresher. Outlines technical details as well as impact, and suggests that the recommendation could make a significant change in Senegalese rice harvesting – helping it to achieve its goal of becoming self-sufficient.,%20africarice.pdf

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