A new way of accessing library resources

The University Library has recently begun streamlining access to our electronic resources by phasing in the SFX list of resources. In the past, we’ve relied on Online Research Resources to list e-books and e-journals, but the SFX system is more robust, including more accurate listings (including information on embargoes, such as when recent years of a journal aren’t included in a database) as well as some titles that don’t currently appear in Online Research Resources. SFX also indicates journals’ title changes more effectively than the ORR.

Please note that SFX doesn’t currently list electronic books, but with an upcoming upgrade, SFX will include this functionality.

Try out the SFX search functionality here: http://openurl.library.uiuc.edu/sfxlcl3/az. You can also find this search tool through the Library website’s front page under the “Online Journals & Newspapers” link.

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One thought on “A new way of accessing library resources

  1. Hi. Both the ORR and SFX are catalogs, not indexes. Neither resource indexes the Library’s “electronic holdings” or “electronic books”.

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