Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe Elected to 2021 ORCID’s Board

Photo of Lisa Janicke HinchliffeLisa Janicke Hinchliffe, the coordinator for the Library’s Information Literacy Services, has been elected to be part of ORCID’s 2021 Board. The ORCID board members strive to support the vision and mission of ORCID, working collaboratively to connect researchers around the world.

ORCID, which stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, is a global, non-profit organization that is dedicated to connecting researchers and research. They provide a unique identifier for individuals that contribute to research, scholarship, and innovation activities in hopes that a strong bond will be built between these researchers. ORCID is supported by their dedicated board members, who partake in a thorough election process. Every year, ORCID solicits nominations and recommendations and then holds a board election. The board members who are elected serve for three years, and they are elected based on their commitment to ORCID’s mission and values. Likewise, ORCID looks for diverse candidates who are able to contribute to ORCID’s development through their own personal and organizational knowledge.

It is the Library’s honor to announce that one of its own staff members, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, has been elected to participate in ORCID’s 2021 Board. Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe is a distinguished professor and coordinator for the Library’s Information Literacy Services. According to their website, ORCID’s 2021 Board consists of six members:

  • Clare Appavoo, Executive Director, Canadian Research Knowledge Network
  • Paul Gemmill, Program Director, UK Research and Innovation
  • Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Professor & Coordinator for LISI, U Illinois Library
  • Calvin Johnson, Chief, High Performing Computing and Informatics, NIH
  • Alison Mitchell, Chief Journals Officer, Springer Nature (Second term)
  • Daisy Selamatsela, Executive Director of the Department of Library and Information Services, UNISA (Second term)

Six members are also leaving ORCID’s Board this year. These individuals include Richard Ikeda, Salvatore Mele, Ed Pentz, Andrew Preston, Simeon Warner, and Karin Wulf. Mele, Pentz, and Warner are founding members of ORCID. The Library would like to congratulate Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe for her election to the 2021 ORCID Board.

Read more about ORCID and their mission at

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