Western Show Team

2019-20 Western Team

-Left to right: Emily Gorman, Klara Dvorak, Rebecca Rauschmayer, Erin Gauss, Jamie Shields, Peyton Arnett
-Not pictured: Kayla Adams, Mikayla Osborne

2021-22 Show Season

Fall Semester:
-October 2nd* @ Saint Mary of the Woods College in Terre Haute, IN (*Two shows will take place)
October 9th & 10th @ Blackhawk College in Galva, IL Canceled
Spring Semester:
-February 5th & 6th @ Rope This Ranch in Upland, IN (Hosted by Ball State) Saturday show canceled due to snow storm
-March 5th & 6th* @ CharLu Farm in Brazil, IN (Hosted by Purdue) (*There will be three shows instead of two this weekend to make-up for the canceled February 5th show)
Post Season:
-Regionals: February 25th @ Saint Mary of the Woods College (Terre Haute, IN)
-Semi Finals: March 18-19 @ Mississippi State (Starkville, MS)
-Nationals: May 4-7 @ Kentucky Horse Park (Lexington, KY)

The University of Illinois Equestrian Team shows on the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) circuit as part of Zone 7, Region 1. The western team is coached by Megan Tyler, owner of Megs Riding Academy. Meg can be reached at mltyler1@gmail.com. Her barn is located about 15 minutes off campus and weekly carpools to the barn are organized by Meg. See the Fee page for details about lesson prices and team fees.

      • Beginner Western Horsemanship
      • Rookie A Western Horsemanship
      • Rookie B Western Horsemanship
      • Level I Western Horsemanship
      • Level II Western Horsemanship
      • Level II Ranch Riding
      • Open Western Horsemanship
      • Open Reining Pattern
      • Alumni Western Horsemanship
      • Alumni Reining Pattern

*Horsemanship includes a rail portion and a pattern portion

The IHSA show format is quite different than a typical horse show. At an IHSA show, horses are provided by the host and/or attending teams. Before each class, riders will draw a horse at random, which they will then ride in their class. Classes are judged on the rider, specifically how correct their position is, how well they ride, and how well they ride the horse they draw. Riders are not allowed any warm-up and must get on their draw and go directly into the ring. Before the show, horses are warmed up by riders who are not showing. Riders who are showing are encouraged to watch the warm-ups to learn about and observe the horses they could potentially draw.

To be on the western team, you must be a club member (Pay club dues and sign the code of conduct), complete the IHSA registration process, do an evaluation ride to determine what you will show in, and pay team fees. Members are required to participate in fundraising. If horses are ever brought to a show by the coach, members are required to help with horse care at shows as we as a team are responsible for the horses we bring. It also may require members to help prepare for the show and unpack after.

To attend a show, you must lesson twice within the two weeks prior to the show and pay show fees before the show. For more information on show fees, please see the Fee page.

The recommended lesson attire is: A comfortable top or layering, jeans, a riding helmet, and western riding boots or paddock boots. Gloves are optional. If you do not have a riding helmet, the coach does have some available for use and bike helmets can suffice for short-term use. If you do not have riding boots, a shoe or boot with a slight heal is preferred. If you are looking to ride long term, it is recommended that you get your own helmet and appropriate riding boots. Please reach out to the coach and/or our western show coordinator for help purchasing any items you may need. This can save you time and money.

If you don’t have show clothes, the team has a small collection of show clothes and some members have extra items or may be willing to share. Contact the western horse show coordinator ahead of time so they can help you out. If you are interested in buying show clothes, it is again recommended that you talk to the coach, the western horse show coordinator, and/or other team members first. They can help you figure what you need to get, what styles are preferred, what will work for your budget, and where to shop, all of which will save you both time and money.

All are welcome to join and no experience is needed!