1. Do I need my own horse to be able to join?

No, in fact, most people involved with the club and team don’t own their own horses. We take lessons on school horses and at shows, the host school and/or attending schools provide the horses. The club and team make it possible to learn more about horses and gain competitive experience without the cost of owning and maintaining a horse.

2. Do I need to have riding experience to be able to join?

No. All are welcome to the club, regardless of your level of prior knowledge, experience level, or riding discipline. This diversity of knowledge, experience, and skill regarding the equine world is part of what makes this club so fun and interesting! Concerning showing, the team shows on the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) circuit. This circuit offers classes for all levels, from no experience to very experienced. It is structured so that any and all riders are welcome to learn, grow, and experience the show and team environment.

3. Do I need to show to be able to join? 

Although we have a team that actively participates in IHSA shows, club members do not have to show unless they want to. If you just want to learn the basics, spend more time around horses, or spend more time around people who love horses, showing is not necessary. We do, however, highly encourage making it a goal to attend or compete in at least one show. A lot can be learned from watching different levels of riders, and it’s tons of fun!

4. Will I still benefit from the club if I already have shown at “World” shows or “A” shows?  

On top of getting access to leadership opportunities through the club, IHSA offers a new challenge to more serious and experienced riders. You will be riding a horse you don’t know, in tack that you aren’t accustomed to, with no warm up, and a judge watching your every move. Though levels and shows are accurately designed for various levels of rider experience, the format allows for more experienced riders to continue to learn and fine tune their skills. This ensures that riders of every level will be presented with a challenge. In addition to that, you will show against people with similar experience.

5. How much does it cost to be a member?

Club dues are $25 for the school year. More information on club, lesson, and team fees can be found on the Fees page.

6. Do I have to ride at all to be in the club?

Riding is just an added benefit to joining, but no one has to ride. We do a ton of other activities too, like watching equine science demonstrations, going on outings, fundraising, and hosting socials with other clubs!

7. Do I need a car to be able to take lessons or show?

No. Regardless if you are a club or team member or not, coaches will create weekly carpools for lessons for those who need a ride to the barn. For shows, the show coordinators will create carpools for members who are traveling to each show.