Socio-Cultural Systems


Although Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee (providing 30% of the world’s coffee) this product is in high demand domestically. Brazil produces a wide range of quality of coffees, and both exports and sells domestically of these variations. Coffee has been a staple in the Brazilian diet for decades. This is not a new trend and it does not appear that it will be changing any time soon. Unlike the situation that is noted below for Indonesia, the domestic popularity of the product has in no way hindered Brazil’s ability to find success in the Global Market.

coffee 3



Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam by France in 1874. Domestic Consumption of coffee is considered fairly moderate compared to other countries that are major producers of the product. Consumption of coffee in Vietnam has increased slightly in recent years, but overall it is not abundant. This is not a negative aspect in regards to the Global Coffee Industry. This simply means that more and more of the product are being exported internationally.



Historically, domestic consumption of coffee has been very low. Recently this trend has changed. The domestic consumption of coffee has been increasing by 20% annually. At this point in time, 30% of the national product is consumed in Indonesia. This means that in the future less and less of the domestic product will be exported; instead it will be consumed domestically.