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LIS 590 ME: Social Media and Global Change


Instructor: Bertram “Chip” Bruce

Social Media and Global Change is a graduate-level online course taught through the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at UIUC. Professor Bertram “Chip” Bruce has been teaching the course since 2013. The course is focused on changes around the world associated with social media. Guest speakers will present on social media topic focused on a particular geographic area.

EPS 325: Social Media and Global Change

Linda Herrera, professor of education

Instructor: Linda Herrera

Social media is a new frontier of politics, religion, commerce, courtship, and education. It has altered an array of social relations from statecraft to sex. The course draws on case studies from across the globe to explore the wide-ranging transformation taking place, from how people organize mass uprisings, to ways the mange the most intimate details of their lives. Examples will be taken from the Middle East, East Asia, Africa, Latin America, the US and Europe.

MACS 410: Media Ethics: Information Ethics

Anita Chan

Instructor: Anita Chan

This course surveys the major ethical problems in news, advertising, publications and entertainment media; includes case studies and moral reasoning on confidentiality, privacy, conflicts of interest, deception, violence, and pornography.

Other Related Courses

EPS 533:  Global Youth and Citizenship

Instructor: Linda Herrera

This online course examines changing practices of youth and citizenship in our globalized, digital age.  It explores how emerging technology-driven communication spaces have arisen as important sites of youth learning and citizenship formation.  It investigates if, and how, youth are constructing alternative ideas about political, economic, cultural, and social reform in virtual spaces.The digital era contains within it great promise, peril, and ambiguity, all of which will be examined in this course. We consider how states are using communication technologies as new sites of surveillance and control, businesses are using them to grow markets, and citizens are using them as places of freedom, commerce, creativity, and a host of other activities. The course will draw on examples from around the world, with case studies from the Middle East and North Africa, South and East Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the United States and Europe.

MDIA 590: Collaboration Systems

Instructor: Anita Chan

Collaboration Systems is a graduate-level course offered through the College of Media at UIUC. Anita Chan teaches this course on the politics of collaboration in knowledge work. Her work on globalization, digital cultures, and innovation networks informs her teaching of this topic. The course specifically focuses on emergent experiments in collaborative interventions by transnational hacktivist groups, global citizen labs, and lay science networks.

SOC 350: Technology and Society 

Instructor: Daniel Steward

Examines the social and cultural origins of modern technology and technological innovation; the effects of technology and its change on society. Topics include the impact of technology on beliefs and values, accommodation and resistance to change, and technology and the Third World.

SOC 496: Globalization and Health 

Instructor: Assata Zerai

In this course we will explore the current literature that examines globalization and health from a sociological perspective. We will explore a framework in the course that considers the ways that national origin, ethnicity, race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, urbanity, globalization and other dimensions of oppression intersect to impact upon the experiences and agency of individuals and groups with health care and social support in the various countries of the global south. Additionally, students will get hands-on experience analyzing data sets from the Demographic and Health Surveys for these countries.

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