Career Courses

The skills you develop by majoring in English literature or creative writing are sought out in a wide variety of fields. We offer courses to help you figure out how you want to use those skills and how you can best develop them to prepare for a career that interests you:


ENGL 199 MMM: Career and Internship Fair Preparation

(Online), Jan. 17, 2017 – Mar. 10, 2017, 1 credit.

This course will prepare you to attend campus career and internship fairs. You will practice talking to potential employers, develop a career-fair ready resume, prepare your career fair strategy, and discover the range of opportunities that your skills make available to you.


ENGL 199 CP2:  Career Planning for Humanities Majors.

5 – 6:20pm Wed., Mar. 13, 2017 – May 3, 2017. 1 credit

We’ll discuss the kinds of opportunities that are out there for humanities majors, learn strategies for writing job documents like resumes and application letters, and practice networking and interviewing skills. Outside speakers will contribute insight from their professional experience in a range of potential career paths.


ENGL 199 INT: The Internship Seminar. 

3:30 – 4:20 Thurs., March 13 – May 3, 131 EB.  Once you’ve applied for and been accepted for an internship, notify the English Advising office, and you will be able to enroll in the course.  

Instructor approval is required for this one-credit course through which students with unpaid internships (those they’ve located on their own or those advertised through the English department) can get academic credit.  In this course, you will draw on your internship experiences to refine your career goals, build your network, and practice your job search skills.


BTW 290: Independent Study (Prof. Bruce Erickson)  Some internships may be eligible for credit through this independent study option.  Contact Prof. Erickson (