Volunteering Hours

One of the biggest advantages to being involved in our organization is attending the ACI conventions, which are fantastic opportunities to network with professionals, stay updated on current and innovative practices in the concrete world, attend committee meetings, and see the world beyond the cornfields. We reimburse housing and travel for students who have been heavily involved in our organization as best as we can.

UIUC students at the ACI Fall 2016 Convention in Philadelphia

To be eligible for funding, you must:

1. Be a paying member of our organization.
2. Complete at least six (6) volunteer hours for our chapter. (For every convention for which you have been funded, 6 hours will be removed from your total.)

There are plenty of opportunities to collect hours by mentoring the undergraduates in the student competition, running the concrete coaster display at EOH, and helping the CEE department organize and execute career fairs and other networking events. For more information, please contact the club email on the Contact page.