Michael Darin

“With a solid education in design, an innate skillset and mechanical mind, I have been inspired my entire life to create and express myself through art. I feel art can be a vehicle for conversation, meditation and better health. From found object assemblage to acrylics on canvas, from sewing to welding, and costume design to set/window display, I fill my world with things I love and hope to encourage others to do the same.”
– Michael Darin

Born and raised on a farm near White Heath, IL, Michael spent many days out in the country with his Grandma, crafting, gardening, doing basic homemaking skills, and learning how to make something out of nothing. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a BFA in Graphic Design, Michael moved to Chicago and has worked as a graphic designer, window display artist, retail manager, floral shop owner, and winery manager. Michael moved back to Urbana after 4 years in Texas in 2017 to take on the new role of Education and Engagement Coordinator for Japan House.

See more of his work at https://www.facebook.com/Imvent-149041098534163