Jason Rackow

My work is an abstract exploration of color, shape, and texture. Including Christian symbolism, landscape, shapes, flowers and more. I use non-traditional materials like cloth, metal, wood, glass, and often make unique texture mediums with a few household items like old house paint, plaster, concrete mix, sawdust, tar, and combinations within these elements. 

 These non-traditional items introduce an obstacle in the artistic process which presents intriguing surface and texture revelations. Typically, these materials are the underlayment for my paintings. Whereas, for the finishing touches on these works, I use more traditional fine art mediums, like acrylic and oil.”

Jason was born in Urbana, Illinois, and grew up in Danville. Coming from a family of artists, he began painting at an early age. With a professional career in radio, voice work, and podcasting, painting has become an escape and that has become more than a hobby. 

Check out his website: rackow.art