claSSi Meetings

Spring 2021

March 11th 3:00 PM
Aida presents background for Citko talk

March 26th 1:00 PM
Martine presents work on Italian Venire Passives and Event Structure

April 9th 1:00 PM
Jon presents work on Syntax, telicity and null anaphora

April 22nd 3:00 PM
Walther presents

May 6th 3:00 PM
Joshua presents


Fall 2020
Meetings at 3:30PM on Thursdays:

October 8th
Joshua presents some of his own work

October 12th
Background for Simonović and Mišmaš talk 

October 22nd
Background for Progovac talk

October 29th
Aida presents some of her own work

November 5th
Background for Barros talk

November 12th
Background for Carstens talk

December 3rd
Walther presents some of his own work

December 10th
Chae Eun presents some of her own work


Spring 2020
Meetings at 4PM on Wednesdays:

February 12th
James & Aida present Arregi & Pietraszko (2019)

February 26th
Jon presents some of his own work

March 11th
Katie presents in preparation for LSRL 2020

April 8th

April 15th
Walther presents some of his own work

April 22nd

May 6th
Karla presents on her thesis research proposal



Fall 2019
Meetings at 4PM in FLB 4100:

September 24th
Jon presents work in progress on the relation between null subjects and impersonal se constructions in Romance.

October 8th
Almike presents in preparation for HLS 2019 (

October 22nd
Walther presents work on long distance case in Finnish

November 12th
Aida presents some of her own work

December 10th
James leads a paper discussion.



Fall 2018
Meetings are held at 3PM in 3092C FLB on the following dates:

September 11
Paper discussed: Kalin, Laura & Philipp Weisser. to appear. Asymmetric DOM in coordination: A problem for movement-based approaches. Linguistic Inquiry
Led by: Aida

October 9
Paper discussed: Hankamer, Jorge & Line Mikkelsen. 2018. Structure, Architecture, and Blocking. Linguistic Inquiry 49. 61-84.
Led by: Aida

October 23
Title: The interaction of parasitic gaps and adjunct control in Spanish
Presenter: Katie vanDyne – practice talk for Hispanic Linguistics Symposium.

November 6
Paper discussed: Rullmann, Hotze & Lisa Matthewson. 2018. Towards a theory of modal-temporal interaction. Language 94(2). 281-331.
Led by: Chelsey



Spring 2018
Meetings are held at 3:30PM in 4100 FLB on the following dates:

March 13 
Katie presents work from her MA thesis

March 27

April 10 
Almike presents “Basque Spanish null objects in relation to leísmo and the PCC”, a practice talk for oral presentation at LSRL 48 (

April 24
Jon & Almike present “On (un)grammatical sequences of ses in Spanish”, a practice talk for joint oral presentation at LSRL 48 (


Fall 2017
Meetings are held at 4:00PM in 4100 FLB on the following dates:

September 28
Paper Discussed: Martins, Anna Maria & Nunes, Jairo (forthcoming). Identity Avoidance with Reflexive Clitics in European Portuguese and Minimalist Approaches to Control. Linguistic Inquiry 48.4:627-649.
Led by: Jon

October 12
Paper Discussed:
Wood, Jim. 2014. Reflexive -st verbs in Icelandic. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 32.4:1387-1425.
Led by:

October 26
Paper Discussed:
Ormazabal, Javier & Juan Romero. 2007. The Object Agreement Constraint. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 25. 315-347.
Led by: Almike

November 9
Kramer, Ruth. 2014. Clitic Doubling or object agreement: the view from Amharic.Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. 32:593-634.
Led by: Jon

November 30
 Chomsky, Noam. 2013. Problems of Projection. Lingua 130: 33-49.
Led by: Aida