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Your financial support to Student Affairs makes a difference in the life of each and every student on campus.  Our culture of excellence at Illinois is built upon the continuous gifts of time, talent, and treasure from our alumni and friends.

To learn more about our different programs and funds please visit our Giving Opportunities.

You can also visit Ways to Get Involved for information about opportunities to donate your time, and share your experiences and expertise with students. Thank you for your generosity and your support of Student Affairs.

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Student Affairs reaches students through twelve units, 45 facilities, and numerous programs and services. Your gift to the Student Life Initiative will ensure that all of these areas thrive and continue to make Illinois students feel safe, secure and supported, extending the life of many programs and opportunities to campus. The Vice Chancellor oversees the administration of this fund to make sure that areas with the most immediate needs are met.

How Can You Help?

This is an unprecedented time for our campus, our community, our nation, our world. We are receiving many inquiries about “how can I help students” at this time.  If you want to help students specifically impacted by COVID 19, please visit the Illinois Cares: COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund .

We’d like you to know about the Emergency Dean Fund, where our University of Illinois students have turned for more than 10 years when they are faced with unexpected, unforeseen, and unavoidable emergency expenses. 

The “Emergency Dean” is an invaluable resource for all Illinois students and families, available 24 hours a day and seven days a week since 1970. The Emergency Dean Fund was created in 2009 to provide immediate assistance for unanticipated hardships resulting from emergencies or crisis situations.  Examples of ways in which the Emergency Dean Fund has been used to help students in their time of need include

    • clothing for victims of a building fire
    • hotel rooms for students displaced due to a crisis situation
    • meal tickets so that students could eat on campus without charge after their residence was destroyed
    • plane fare for a student returning home abruptly to attend the funeral of an immediate family member

When you contribute to this fund, you enable us to make a difference in our students’ security and academic survival. You are contributing to the welfare of all Illinois students. Additional information about the Emergency Dean Fund, and how it differs from the COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund can be found here.

Oversight of the Emergency Dean fund is provided by the Student Assistance Center in the Office of the Dean of Students and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of Student Support and Advocacy.

If you would like to help us support our Illinois students in their time of need,  please support the Emergency Dean Fund.

Your gift to Illinois Leadership ensures that today’s Illinois students have the opportunity, while on campus, to receive valuable skills that will help them develop leadership and team-building attributes that will help them grow as individuals and professionals. The programs and services offered by the Illinois Leadership Center are free and available to all campus students. The Leadership Center offers workshops, resources, and accredited classes in collaboration with many college units. Alumni connected to the Center provide facilitation and mentoring which ties them to the campus, and creates bonds and real-life applications for each student.

Food Assistance & Well-Being Program

It is the university’s mission to ensure that the entire Illinois community has access to nutritious food and key necessities in a welcoming and educational space. We collect demographic information and a variety of other data to improve processes and ensure that it is equitable, inclusive and accessible to meet the needs of the diverse student population at Illinois.

The pantry is focused on the development of students in a supportive and inclusive space. The ARC Student Food Pantry is staffed by student volunteers from Food Science Human Nutrition and we work closely with faculty to provide educational resources to pantry shoppers while developing our student volunteers to provide food support and community building skills.

The ARC Student Food Pantry is a shopping style pantry. Food is set up on shelves by food groups. Shoppers walk through the space and take food off shelves according to pantry guidelines. This model allows shoppers to handle food, choose items that they will eat and enjoy, and look at the labels just as if they were shopping in a store. Food Science and Human Nutrition Students will be available to answer shopper questions and to provide resources to prepare the food. The ARC Food Pantry is located in the rear of the ARC Instructional Kitchen (beside the indoor climbing wall).

Learn more about the Food Assistance & Well-Being Program.

The OMSA Student Success Fund provides unrestricted support for an array of student success initiatives including, but not limited to: academic enrichment initiatives (e.g., new instructional or skill-building workshops), academic support incentives (e.g., online scheduling or advising platforms which expand student access to the services that lead to persistence and graduation), and academic achievement recognition (e.g., scholastic achievement awards) or other innovative activities that bolster student success. In 2018, in observance of OMSA’s 50th anniversary, this fund was dedicated in honor of our founding director, Clarence Shelley, a legendary educator, administrator, and mentor who served the university for nearly four decades.

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