Student Affairs Council

Alumni who serve on the Student Affairs Council come from all walks of life, with experience in business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Members meet twice a year with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and offer unique perspectives that help shape the Vice Chancellor’s vision for the Illinois Experience that today’s – and tomorrow’s – Illinois students will enjoy.

The Council is appointed by the Vice Chancellor, and its activities are coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs Advancement.

If you may be interested in serving on the Council, contact Student Affairs Advancement.

Current Advisory Council members

  • Cheryl Lamm, Park Ridge, IL (Chair)
  • David Olsen, Downers Grove, IL (Vice Chair)
  • Tom Nolan, Orland Park, IL
  • James Bebley, Chicago, IL
  • Tamara Pope, Chicago, IL
  • Doris Houston, Bloomington, IL
  • Nishant R. Makhijani, Mumbai, India
  • Eric Lugo, Chicago, IL
  • Jaylin McClinton, Chicago, IL
  • Kelly Neroda, Chicago, IL
  • Matt Holland, Chicago, IL
  • Chloe Johnston, Chicago, IL
  • Christopher Dillion, Chicago, IL (Ex Officio)
  • Daniel Jensen, Indianapolis, IN (Ex Officio)
  • Misha Adams, Jersey City, NJ (Ex Officio)
  • Luis Narvaez, Chicago, IL (Ex Officio)