Seats still available for EPSY 203 social issues dialogue courses

EPSY 203 Social Justice Group Dialogue courses are now open for enrollment. These 1 credit hour, second 8 week courses provide students with opportunities to converse on specific diversity and social justice topic are offered as separate sections under the course heading. Each section uses a structure dialogue format to explore intergroup and intragroup differences and similarities within historical and contemporary contexts.  May be repeated in the same tem to a maximum of 2 hours. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 6 hours.

This Spring 2016 semester we are offering the following dialogue topics: Exploring Gender (Cis & Trans); African/African American; 2 sections on Being White in a Multicultural Society Dialogue; 2 sections on Race/Ethnicity; Exploring LGBQA/Heterosexual dialogue; Exploring Socioeconomic Class; Conservative/Liberal (Political Affiliation) dialogue; Exploring Disability; and US/International Relations: A Global Dialogue. For specific day/time and location information and to register go to the Enterprise Self-Service Application. For descriptive information on the section topics please go to:



Joycelyn Landrum-Brown, Ph.D.

(Pronouns She, Her and Hers)

Adjunct Assistant Professor Educational Psychology and Psychology