Local Information


The participants can book a hotel directly using university rates.

Click Here for the hotel information.


Parking and traveling info

 Click Here


Wifi at CUMC

Attendees can use guest-net for internet access.  guest-net is an unsecured wireless network that does not require special configuration or login.

1)  Select “guest-net” from the list of networks

2) Open your web browser. The browser may display a warning page about the website’s security certificate. Be sure to select the link to “Continue to this website” in order to see the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use for the Wireless Guest Network website.

3) You must select “I Agree” at the bottom of the page in order to use guest-net.


Emergency plan at VEC

VEC is a fully sprinkled building.   If an alarm rings, attendees should hold in place for further instructions.  In case of evacuation the staircase on the North side of the building are to be used.  Those staircases are indicated by a box with an X on the provided VEC floor plans.


Restaurant and Bars

You can check the University affiliated cafes and food services or a map of other restaurants and bars here.