Regina V. Polk Women’s Labor Leadership Alumna of the Year

2016 Regina V. Polk Women’s Labor Leadership Alumna of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Alumna of the Year is Sister Judy Simpson. Judy's photo

Judy is currently the public sector field representative for LIUNA Local 773. Prior to her staff position with Local 773, she was a special collections librarian at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL and a campus labor leader. Judy first attended the Polk School in 2011 and then returned in 2012. She has played a pivotal role in recruiting for the Polk School through the LIUNA in the Midwest as well as helped to raise important funds to help send women to the Polk School. In addition to her staff position, Judy is also sits on the board of the Illinois Labor History Society. Judy will be attending this year’s Polk School as the first Alumna Student and will receive an award at the graduation dinner.

This is the second year of the Regina V. Polk Women’s Labor Leadership Alumna of the Year. It is awarded annually to a Polk alumna that goes onto achieve leadership success in her workplace and union. Judy Simpson is such as woman! She embodies the vision of Regina V. Polk in both action and spirit. Regina would be so proud of you.

2015 – Elise Foster, Vice President, National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 11

From Sister Elise Foster’s 2015 acceptance speech, May 2015

“I’m here to tell the women of Regina V. Polk.

Keep fighting and never give up

Stay positive

Negativity has no place in our organization

Respect everyone no matter what job they hold

Listen and communicate with others

Respect female leadership

Give support at all times

Stay committed

Pay if forward and continue to educate the young people”