Bill Hanafin


A native of mid-central Illinois, Bill is a second tenor in BACH and has been the production lead for BACH rehearsals and performances for the past two seasons. Trombonist and pianist/church organist by youth, he studied applied music and modern musicology in liberal arts, human resources and family studies, and chemical/biological sciences in both Carbondale and Urbana. For nearly 30 years in the academic profession as a research lab technician, manager, and writer, he has worked with groups of students and faculty in the cancer cell, cytometry, virus, and cell membrane research. He has also been privileged to be able to mentor first-generation college students at the University of Illinois. In addition to being part of the music ministry of several Roman Catholic parishes in the area, he was a volunteer at the OF Heart of Mary Medical Center Community Fitness Cardiac Rehab Program for many years. His observation: “BACH people are talented and kind people.”