About Me

Welcome to my blog, fellow Hist446 students! Although I know we will get many opportunities to talk this semester about a variety of subjects, you may not get to know a lot about me in general. That’s why I’ve decided to create this “About Me” page…

To start off, I am a senior double majoring in Management and Marketing with a focus in International Business. I also have a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures.

Now you must be wondering why a B-student (that’s what us business kids call ourselves) decided to take a 400-level history course…( I do have to admit that it probably isn’t a common thing). Well, during my spring semester of my sophomore year, I reevaluated my passions and interests (I have to say business is not a major someone goes into because they are passionate about Porter’s Five Forces). And although I was still really into studying East Asian culture, I knew that a bigger part of me wasn’t being satisfied with the courses I was taking already.

I always had a fascination with the British Monarchy (in particular those in the Early Modern period), and the history and culture of Great Britain in general. However, I have never taken a class beyond AP European History in high school that really dealt with anything similar to British History and I definitely felt like I was missing out. Then, seeing how I was planning to study abroad in the UK the next semester – instead of East Asia where my other interests lie -I felt like it only made sense to take on a second minor focusing on Western European History (and really British History for as much as I can…). That is also why I am taking both of Prof. Rabin’s class this semester.

Besides my love of history, I also really enjoy cooking and baking. It is always gratifying to see a dish come out just right and to see the happiness that emits from people when they have a bite. I also like watching shows like anything on HGTV, Historical dramas, and many things from the UK that is shown on PBS (Downton Abbey… you will be dearly missed). Although business in general is not a passion of mine, I did find one of my passions through it. After interning at the Boeing Company in Seattle the past two summers, I can truly say that the aerospace industry and the defense/government industry are two areas of interests.

Well that’s all I’ll say about me. You probably don’t want to know much more either, but if for some reason you do, don’t hesitate to chat with me. Trust me, I won’t bite… or order for your head to be cut off!