For postdocs


Asking your mentor or course supervisor to observe one of your classes each semester is highly recommended. It serves two purposes: 1) they can provide feedback and suggestions for improving your teaching success and enjoyment, 2) they can write a “teaching letter” the next time you apply to academic positions.

Travel grant
Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships (October) – 1st and 2nd year postdocs can apply. US only.
  • NSF-LEAPS (January) – to launch the careers of pre-tenure faculty at minority-serving institutions (MSIs), predominantly undergraduate institutions (PUIs), and Carnegie Research 2 (R2) universities. Finishing postdocs or graduate students can apply. US only.
  • NRC Research Associateships (February and August) – research postdocs at participating government agencies. NIST and many other agencies have projects suitable for mathematicians. Search the list for project titles of interest.
Career planning

What kind of career are you aiming for?

Academic careers

Industry and government careers

Postdocs considering a career in industry or government are invited to discuss their situation with Richard Laugesen, if possible before the final year of their position. Also, the Graduate College Career Development office serves postdocs and offers free resources and consultations.