Grants and Funding

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National funding
Campus funding
  • Campus Research Board (August, October, January, March) – proposals should be written to support your research; the project can be joint with a student but should not be presented as solely the student’s work.
    Budget figures for a 50% RA stipend: $12322 for Spring 2023, $6076 for Summer 2023 (2 months), $12692 for Fall 2023. The figures above include fringe benefits, and the summer figure includes an additional $300 to cover additional summer fringes that will get charged if the student is registered for fewer than 3 hours. The pay received by the RA will be lower than the figures above (since those figures include fringe benefits). We recommend that you request two semesters and a summer of funding. Please confirm your budget figures with Brock Martin before submission and before assigning an RA position. Any over-expenditures will be your responsibility, NOT the department’s, so please check with Brock.
    Other resources: get your internal balances from My-UI-Financials (using the VPN if not on campus). If you have no internal funds, explain briefly in the budget section (eg “start-up all spent”). If you hold an external grant, explain why it does not cover the RA requested from the Research Board.
  • Scholars’ Travel Fund (monthly) – travel support for faculty members, incl. some specialized faculty
  • Provost’s Initiative on Teaching Advancement PITA (March) – grants of $7500 for instructional improvements
  • Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Program (March) – support and course reduction for an innovative project with broad educational implications
  • Departmental travel support (monthly)
Actuarial Science and Risk Management funding
Collaboration in residence programs