Welcome to the Manesis Lab!

We are a bioinorganic chemistry group focused on structural and mechanistic studies of metalloenzymes. We believe that microbial species are treasure trove of understudied and unknown metalloproteins waiting to be discovered. Specifically, we are interested in identifying novel metallocofactors within large, unexplored protein superfamilies using bioinformatics approaches. With an emphasis on identifying new metalloenzyme cofactors involved in microbial metabolisms such as the oxidative stress response and metal homeostasis, we can rationalize how nature has diversified the chemistry it accomplishes using a single cofactor. We are motivated by nature’s ability to repurpose a limited set of ligands and metals for an unlimited amount of chemistry.

Students in the Manesis lab will become proficient in a variety of techniques including (but not limited to): (i) heterologous protein expression and purification, (ii) EPR, IR, stopped-flow, Mössbauer, and UV-Vis-nIR spectroscopies, (iii) protein crystallography, (iv) bioinformatics, (v) kinetic analysis, and (vi) computational approaches such as DFT.  

Our Research

Using microbial systems to uncover new paradigms in O2 activation chemistry

How does nature repurpose existing metallocofactors to create new ones with new reactivity? What is the bis-FeIV cofactor used for?

Introducing Kynurenine: Nature’s 24th amino acid

How does nature diversify its protein building blocks using post-translational modifications? What are these new amino acids used for? How are they installed?

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Manesis lab is committed to diversity in all forms. We recognize that a diverse group will not only foster a more inclusive and encouraging environment but will enable us to perform better science and improve the future of (bio)chemistry. We welcome scientists of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, religions (or lack thereof), genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

To support and increase diversity, the Manesis lab pledges to pursue the following actionable items:

Be mindful of who we cite and who we invite as seminar speakers.

Make textbooks and learning materials available at no extra cost to our students and mentees.

Attend seminars and talks hosted by historically excluded groups on campus.

Actively participate in events hosted by historically excluded groups, such as SACNAS and NOBBChe. 

Work together to remain involved in programs that foster scientific inquiry within historically excluded groups in the K-12 levels.

Work together to educate our local community to understand the impact of scientific research through participation in community outreach events.

Acknowledge and respect all members of our community.