How can I find out the results of the study? We are currently recruiting attorneys and collecting data. The results of our study will likely not be available until 2025 or later. Please continue to visit our webpage periodically for study updates and results!

Other attorneys at my firm are interested in participating. Are they allowed to participate if I’m already in the study? If so, how do they sign up? Yes, other attorneys from your firm are more than welcome to participate! Please send them this link to fill out their contact information, and we will contact them to finalize their enrollment. You can also have them email us at asap-study@illinois.edu.

How is my information being protected? Identifying information is removed from all surveys and interview transcripts. Completed surveys and interviews are labeled with a unique, de-identified number and the key linking that number to your information is only accessible to the senior project staff, Dr. Hardesty, Dr. Ogolsky, and Dr. Charvat. Additionally, all project staff are required to complete ethics and confidentiality training before being given access to any project documents. Our data management policy as been thoroughly evaluated and approved by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Institutional Review Board (#22599). If you have any concerns, please contact the study PIs via email: Dr. Hardesty (hardesty@illinois.edu) and Dr. Ogolsky (bogolsky@illinois.edu).

I had a conflict and was unable to attend my scheduled session. Can I still participate? Yes, you are still welcome to participate! We have several training sessions with availability. Please email as us asap-study@illinois.edu and we will get you rescheduled at your earliest convenience.

I can’t find the link that was provided to me for the survey. What should I do? Send us an email at asap-study@illinois.edu, and we would be happy to send the link again.

Funding provided by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Award #15PNIJ-21-GG-02800-REVA and ACES Office of Research at the University of Illinois.