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Introduction to LAS 199
Mohammad Nofal

Dear Transfer Students,

Every new experience requires some kind of introduction or explanation. For example, when you get a job, you will likely attend an orientation; when you take a class, you’ll receive a syllabus which serves as your introduction to the course. So where’s the introduction to transferring?

Never fear, LAS 199 is here. LAS 199 is like your introduction to campus life. You will explore concepts such as diversity, and will be given a chance to attend various seminars across campus. You will also learn how to take advantage of numerous campus resources.

In addition, your classmates will be transfers as well and the class will be taught by a UIUC student, therefore everyone is able to relate to one another with ease. For example, my LAS 199 TA and I found we had a lot in common and were able to develop a friendship. This helped us work effectively with other LAS 199 students on a project designed to improve the course.

LAS 199 is an important course that offers transfer students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with campus and available resources. Being only one credit hour and an eight week course, LAS 199 is both an easy A and a great introduction to life as UIUC student. Why shouldn’t your experiences being here?

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