Summer Hours

By Sarah Bransley

If you’re on campus over the summer, be aware that not only do university run facilities change their hours, but businesses on campus also change their hours! Restaurants, stores, and food trucks will all adjust their hours and may even temporarily close to account for the decrease in business.

To keep track of your favorite food trucks, find them on social media! Many of them announce where they will be via Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook. You’ll never be disappointed if you check ahead of time. My favorite truck to follow is Pandemonium Dooughnuts via their Twitter handle @PandaDoughnutCU. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried one of their artisan doughnuts.

For traditional businesses, I like to call ahead.  Not all businesses on campus update their websites with their summer hours. Calling directly has never lead me wrong, but I have walked somewhere with friends and found a place closed early due to slow business. A good example is restaurants in the basement of the Union. I love my Einstein bagels, but during the summer I know I may need to hit up the Lincoln & University location instead.

Businesses these changes apply to may be found in the area roughly between Sixth & Lincoln and University & Florida.

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