Funded Digital Transformation Institute COVID19 project

C3ai DTI Rapti et al. project overview

The Digital Transformation Institute has selected 26, out of more than 200 submitted, research proposals that advance Digital Transformation Science to mitigate COVID-19 and future pandemics. Kontou is co-PI of a project that will focus on novel spatial modeling of COVID-19, being led by Associate Professor of Mathematics Zoi Rapti. The funded research will offer a comprehensive approach to the spatial dynamics of COVID-19 based on partial differential equation and metapopulation models. The teams aims to fill the modeling gap between studies with a detailed description of the disease dynamics, but lacking spatial dynamics, and those that while spatial in nature, do not account for the intricacies of the COVID-19 disease. The team aims to leverage a diverse array of techniques ranging from dynamic traffic assignment models, which will inform the links in the metapopulation model, to manifold learning techniques for model parameterization.¬†Access to the C3 AI Suite and Microsoft Azure computing and storage resources were awarded to the team. Very excited about our group’s contribution to COVID-19 epidemic tracking and recovery!