Keramos Home

Welcome to the webpage for the University of Illinois’s chapter of Keramos! This is the honor society for Materials Science and Engineering students, and serves to¬†promote and emphasize scholarship and character in the thoughts of students in ceramics, to stimulate mental development, and to promote interest in the professional aspects of ceramic engineering, technology, and science.

Membership in Keramos is via invitation and induction to our chapter. To qualify, you must be majoring in Materials Science and Engineering, have completed 30 credit hours (including transfered credit from high school), and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Inductions are scheduled once per semester, and usually happen in November or April.

Keramos offers many different events throughout the year. We hold biweekly sessions of Play with Clay where students can use molds or throwing clay to create a wide variety of ceramic pieces and apply ceramic processing techniques. In addition, we offer a variety of professional development events, including opportunities to network with professors and industry professionals.

Once inducted into Keramos, to become a full-fledged member, you must attend 4 cumulative hours of Play with Clay and 4 cumulative hours of other Keramos events. After you have achieved this status, you will receive an official certificate from the national Keramos organization.

For more involvement opportunities in MatSE, check out our sister organization Material Advantage.