Our Commitment

The Events Office within the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (KCPA) supports the center’s education, research, and engagement mission by providing artists, patrons, and clients with the expertise and service required for outstanding performance and event presentation. With an artist-/client-driven philosophy, the KCPA Events Team is prepared to help guide your event within a supportive and creative environment.

Krannert Center’s unique organizational structure places education at the heart of our operation. In support of this, University of Illinois students are employed and serve internships in the Events Office—supervised by professional staff—in order to hone their professional skills as artists and managers—whether enrolled in the School of Music, Department of Theatre, Department of Dance, or elsewhere in the University.

Krannert Center’s Mission Statement

The mission of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is to nurture excellence and innovation in the performing arts through education, presentation, community service, and research. The Center, in cooperation with the resident departments, provides a professional laboratory to train students in the performing arts. Of equal importance, the Center commits itself to invite outstanding professional artists to perform and to teach; to foster a deep appreciation of a wide variety of the performing arts in the University, in the local community, and throughout the region; and to establish the Krannert Center as a model of innovation in arts management, design, technology, and administration. In short, the Center’s mission is reflective of the stated mission of the University of Illinois with its commitment to teaching, public service, and research.

Krannert Center Events Office

Mission: We provide quality support and technical expertise to ensure that artists, collaborators, and clients feel confident in our facilities, services, and capacities to enable them to entertain, educate, and inspire audiences.
Vision: The Events Office strives to create a welcoming, respectful environment conducive to creativity and highest-level performance for visiting and resident artists, collaborators, and clients.
Core Beliefs: The performing arts are a core component of the human experience and an essential component of thriving communities. We believe that if we fulfill the needs of our artists, collaborators, and clients, our work will transform lives.
Values: Collaboration • Respect • Flexibility • Inclusivity • Compassion • Reliability • Efficiency • Leadership • Life-long Learning
Roles: Listener • Communicator • Facilitator • Creative Thinker • Problem Solver • Negotiator • Mentor