Accountants in the news: lawsuit alleges racism against Black accountant

I’m originally from San Diego county, so the title of this story in the San Diego Union Tribune caught my eye:

Accountant applied for 80 jobs, promotions and got zero. Was it racism?

City of San Diego employee says in a lawsuit he wasn’t promoted because he is Black; says city has few Blacks in management

By Lindsay Wrinkly

October 21, 2021

SAN DIEGO — A long-time employee is suing the City of San Diego alleging it failed to prevent supervisors from engaging in racially discriminatory hiring practices that have repeatedly robbed Black employees, including him, of well-deserved promotions, the lawsuit said…

It’s an interesting story. Unfortunately, it is not clear to me why the story’s author considers the employee, Wilson Kennedy III, an accountant. The story does say that the Kennedy has “an MBA with an emphasis in financial management,” according to the lawsuit. It also says that one of the jobs to which he applied was in the Office of the City Auditor. However, the story sheds no light as to whether or not his work-duties were related to accounting. As the story was published in October, I did an internet search to see if there was any update and found none. I did find, however, a LinkedIn profile with someone of the same name, who works at the City of San Diego, with a title of Supervising Management Analyst, who is a CFE and holds an MBA.

You can read the whole story here.


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