Seminar administration

This page is intended for internal use at ADSC.

Each meeting takes one of three possible formats:

  1. Prior publication presentation
  2. Prior publication critique
  3. Presenting own current/past/future work for discussion

Upcoming Event Planning

We use the following order for the speakers:

Binbin Chen
William Temple
Sreejaya Viswanathan
Subhash Lakshminarayana
Zhan Teng Teo
Bao Anh (Alex) Tran
Liu Yan
Prageeth Gunathilaka
Li Yang
Sumeet Jauhar
Li Yuan
Yue Wu
Harshan Jagadeesh
Daisuke Mashima
Sravan Sristi
Xin Lou
Yan Li
Wang Ziyi

How to Announce New Talk

To announce a talk, you can either

The title of the calender entry should be the title of the paper presented, in the description, please list the presenter and additional information on the content, e.g. an abstract or a URL

The event should then show up on the Seminar webpage. The site uses a cache, it might take a while to refresh.

Room Reservations

The following rooms have been reserved in advance:

May 21st – Doug’s office in ADSC

The rooms are reserved from 13:15 to 15:00 every Thursday.

The room capacity are shown as follows:
Apex – 10 pax
Coherence – 8 pax
Congruence – 8 pax
Spectrum – 8 pax
Transform 1+2 – 20 pax combined, 10 each
Potential 2 – 20 pax
Infinity – 10 pax
Resonance – 20 pax