Welcome to the Official JSA Website!

JSAのホームページへようこそ!イリノイ大学日本人会 (Japanese Student Association / JSA) は、 Champaign-Urbana 地区在住の日本人及び日本に興味をお持ちの方々の親睦/情報交換などを目的としたイリノイ大学アーバナ・シャンペーン校の登録学生団体 ( Registered Student Organization )です。

Hello! This is the official JSA Website!  The Japanese Student Association is an undergraduate student organization at the University of Illinois ( Registered Student Organization ).  Our mission is to develop social connections among students interested in Japanese culture and language. We organize a variety of events relating to careers, internships, and Japanese culture throughout the year.

Please Check out all of our social accounts such as Discord (Primary Members Communication), Instagram, and other related signups here from this link!


(Updated August 2023)