“…We must conceive of governance both as a hierarchy of institutions, in the political-economic sense, and as an assemblage of laws, norms, markets, and architecture, in order to understand fully the often unpredictable and inequitable outcomes associated with governance in sociotechnical systems. We must recognize that, while regulations are often path-dependent, other forms of governance are not so entrenched. While technology, and by extension code as law (Lessig, 1999), evolves at a fast pace, the governance assemblages, including markets and norms, entail complex institutional misalignment that leads to externalities, unintended consequences, and gaps at any given time. This is exacerbated by the interactions resulting from crossing individual jurisdictions, when exploring the reality of information flows in a global economy.”

Sanfilippo, M. R., & Liu, C. (2023). Governing Privacy as Contexts Overlap during Crisis. The Usage and Impact of ICTs during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Governance Lab on Sociotechnical Systems (GLOSS) addresses issues of institutions, policy, law, management, and ethics associated with sociotechnical systems, drawing on mixed method research designs. Specific areas of expertise include: privacy, data commons, and inequality.