Fall 2020 ECON Course Announcements & FAQs

We know that students have important questions about how Fall 2020 Economics classes will be conducted. In order to help you plan for a successful fall semester, here are some answers to important Frequently Asked Questions.

What format will Economics classes take this Fall 2020?

Economics courses will be delivered in entirely in-person, entirely online, and hybrid formats (with some in-person and some online components). Online components may be offered either synchronously or asynchoronously.

What Economics classes will be available to take this Fall 2020? Will the Economics department be removing any fall courses?

All of the classes listed in Course Explorer for Fall 2020 will continue to be available, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Which course formats are set for Fall 2020 at the current time? 

The following courses and sections will be offered as completely online courses in Fall 2020:

  • ECON 102
  • ECON 103
  • ECON 198
  • ECON 202
  • ECON 203 *See note below
  • ECON 210
  • ECON 302
  • ECON 303
  • ECON 411
  • ECON 414
  • ECON 415
  • ECON 418
  • ECON 425
  • ECON 426
  • ECON 437
  • ECON 440
  • ECON 442
  • ECON 447
  • ECON 448
  • ECON 450
  • ECON 460
  • ECON 471
  • ECON 474
  • ECON 475
  • ECON 484
  • ECON 490, all sections

The following sections of these courses will be offered in either in-person or hybrid formats in Fall 2020:

  • ECON 203 * Some lab sections will be in person and others will be online. Individual section details will be reflected in Course Explorer by August 1.
  • ECON 402
  • ECON 420

Q: What about my other (non-Economics) courses…will they be online or in-person?

Each department is currently working on their own course offerings. The Economics Department does not have input into classes offered by other departments.

Q: How do I know if a course is going to be held in-person, online, or as a hybrid class with an in-person component?

Students will be able to view schedule updates to course formats beginning on August 1. The Registrar has posted details about how to determine the format of courses here: https://registrar.illinois.edu/registration/registration-process/revised-reg-fall-20/

Students can also search Course Explorer to find classes offered either online or on campus. https://courses.illinois.edu/search/form

Q: Will I need to re-register for my Economics course if it was originally in person and has switched to online?

It is unlikely that a format change such as from in-person to online will require students to re-register for a course. Class times will continue to be noted for in-person and synchronous online meetings.

Q: Will I have the option to change my fall courses?

Yes. Students will have the option to make changes to fall schedules in August. More details can also be found under the Academics FAQs here: https://covid19.illinois.edu/fall-2020-instruction-faq/

Q: When will I be able to change my fall courses?

Registration was paused on July 11. Beginning on August 1, student schedules with modifications to your courses (such as the course changing from in-person to online) will be viewable. Students will be issued a new time ticket for August registration and will be able to make changes according to this new time ticket beginning on August 3. Revised fall time tickets will be issued according to the schedule posted by the Registrar here: https://registrar.illinois.edu/registration/registration-process/revised-reg-fall-20/

Q: Can I use the Credit/No Credit options offered during the Spring 2020 semester again this fall?

No. The University has indicated that the Credit/No Credit options from the spring semester are not continuing this fall. https://covid19.illinois.edu/fall-2020-instruction-faq/

Q: When will the format of Spring 2021 classes be known? If I wait until Spring 2021, will I be able to take all of my Economics courses in person again?

Our highest priorities are helping you make successful progress towards your Economics degree while balancing health and safety considerations. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we do not have information at this time about what courses will be offered in spring, or in what format. You can get a general idea of the classes we typically offer in spring semesters by reviewing Course Explorer’s listings for Spring 2020 and 2019. We will know more about spring offerings later this fall and will make announcements when these details are confirmed.

Q: Can I talk with an advisor about my individual situation?

Of course. We will be offering expanded advising appointment times for Economics students during the new August registration period. We will send updates and announcements through your @illinois.edu as well as posting updates on our Econ Undergraduate Facebook page.

Q: If I don’t return to campus this fall but I am taking courses online at Illinois, will I still have access to Economics advising and career services throughout the semester?

Yes. We will continue to provide virtual appointments for both advising and Career Services to Illinois students who are not on campus this fall.

Q: What other options do students have for fall?

Illinois students have other options for the fall semester, including the following. Carefully consider which is right for your situation.

  • Delayed admission. Newly admitted students can delay their admission for one to two semesters by submitting a request to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by August 17. Note: If your delayed admission request is approved, you may not take classes at another college or university. For more information visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website here: https://admissions.illinois.edu/Apply/International/coronavirus#delay
  • Part-time status. The University will provide the option for students who are unable to return to campus to register as part-time students this fall. https://covid19.illinois.edu/fall-2020-instruction-faq/ Note that international students must maintain full time registration to maintain immigration status.

Additional Resources

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