Accessing Your Online Courses

Wondering how to access your online classes?

You may get an email from your instructor(s) on or before the first day of class providing more details about how the class will be taught. Make sure that you are checking your email.

Here at Illinois, we use two different learning platforms: Compass 2g and Moodle. Each course instructor will select which one to use for the course. You may have some courses in Moodle and others in Compass 2g.

On the first day of the fall semester (Monday August 24th) you will be able to log into Moodle and Compass 2g and see all the courses you are registered for that are using that platform. Within Compass 2g or Moodle you can access the class site to explore the syllabus for specific class details and due dates.

Compass 2g

Getting Started with Compass 2g guides:


Moodle Student Help/Get Started Guide:

The Illinois Remote website also has helpful links and information about online courses.

If your class says “Arranged” and lists no specific date or time, then the class is asynchronous: No “live” set times when everyone in the course will be logged in together. You will be able to access these courses on the first day of the semester in Compass 2g or Moodle.

 If you add the class after August 22, you may need to email the instructor to be added to the class Moodle or Compass page.

Illinois Zoom. Make sure you also login and configure your Illinois Zoom account–your synchronous courses will probably use this. Note: You’ll need to use your Illinois zoom account, not a separate Zoom account that you may already have set up.