Staff + Office Hours

Homework Party

For group office hours and study sessions, we will host a Homework Party on Fridays from 4pm-6pm in ECEB 2013. (Starting 9.03)

Office Hours

All office hours will be hybrid. Zoom information is posted on the course Discord.

Staff Member Day and Time Location
Prof. Katie DC Tues 2-3pm CSL 260
Prof. Belabbas Tues 2-3pm Zoom (same link as lecture)
Yuhang TBD TBD
Peixin Tues 5-6pm ECEB 3071
Neeloy Wed 11-12pm ECEB 3071
Dhruv Mon 11-12
Wed 4-5pm
ECEB 3071
Chuyuan Thurs 2-3pm ECEB 3071