Intro to 3D Printing & the Maker Movement

This week in class, we learned about the different ways to make things and terminology of 3D printing, such as stereolithography and fused deposition modeling. In addition, we also learned about utilizing the software Cura that edits and converts STL. files into G code files that are ready for 3D printing. The guest speaker Jeff Ginger, director of the Fab Lab, provided great direction into the various resources available both on campus and online that could be incorporated in our semester projects. A few things that stood out to me from the lecture were the digital embroidery machines at the Fab Lab, the 3D scanner at the Beckman Visualization laboratory, and the term DIWO (do it with others) which is a updated take on DIY.

From the readings, Neil Gershefeid writes about the digital fabrication revolution. One of the things that interested me was his timeline description about how the digital fabric revolution had its origins from the 1950’s with cutting aircraft components using digital computers with milling machines. In Dougherty’s article about the maker mindset and the maker movement states that, “Making is source of innovation.” I agree with his statement because it is a free form process whose possibilities are still being explored and experimented with. Dougherty also points out that the maker movement is an excellent opportunity to transform education to create both a creative and stimulating environment. I believe children’s exposure to maker spaces is a great hands on way for them to learn how to work well in teams and develop their problem solving skills. – Scissor Sheath

This product is great for safety, especially for people with young children or pets. One thing I would change making the length and width adjustable to fit other scissors as well as knives even. – SD card Holder

SD cards are tiny and can be easily lost or misplaced. This item is perfect for storing them all in one place. I love that they added the customizable function to allow you to adjust from micro to normal size SD cards. – Soap Holder

I have been needing a soap holder and would love to be able to print one out. I would also add a cover to the holder, so that I can bring it with me to travel or prevent water from the shower from shrinking the soap. -Tube Caps

I think the tube caps are perfect for storing all sorts of items. It functions well with paper towel or toilet paper rolls. 

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