Visual Metaphors for STEAM Education (leads: Stan and Jiameng)
Working in collaboration with chemistry professor Mutha Gunasekera, we are designing graphical metaphors in a visual language intended to be attractive and motivating to first-year chemistry students. We will be able to compare learning outcomes across large introductory class sessions who either use or do not use the materials.

Modeling “Opinion” for Designers (leads: Jennifer and Stan)
We are developing an operational model of opinion for use by design practitioners whose work involves strengthening or changing opinions. Related concepts include but are not limited to:

  • interpretation
  • belief
  • conviction
  • stance

Metabolic Capitalism (leads: Stan, Gerry, Zhabiz)
The project on crypto-currencies is a series of experimental prototypes on the attempt to reduce the two primary flaws in the existing models of money: accumulation and distribution without reference to local production.

Materialization of Text Analytical Experiences (lead: Milena)
In this project, we are experimenting with creating new forms of interface that leverage physicality and kinesthetic intelligence: (1) to provide a richer and more accessible introduction to the algorithmic study of texts; (2) to create new departure points for discussions of the value added, to all participating disciplines, in collaborations between the digital humanities and the fine arts; and (3) to demonstrate the depth and vastness of the digital artifacts that have been created as part of digital humanities scholarship.